I work for Appel Heating & Air Conditioning in Carmel, Indiana. We are a residential heating & air conditioning contractor serving northern Marion county & all of Hamilton county, Indiana.

We specialize in repair, maintenance & replacement of residential & light commerical comfort control equipment. I'm the Service Manager by title but wear all hats (keeps the dome from getting a sunburn!) as we are a small firm. Primarily I'm in the shuffling papers, processing service invoices, costing installations, and offering technical support to techs, installers & salesmen. I do all of the purchasing, stocking & dispensing materials as well. In the past I ran sales calls. In times of heat waves & cold waves, or when we are short of help, which is much of the time, I do run repair calls and do work installations when I can't get out of it. I do prefer office work to field work - don't like getting dirty & cut up. I've never heard of someone needing stitches from a paper cut but did see a cut one summer that required 19 stitches (a new company record) to a hand.


Much of what I've done online in the last 25 years is give advice to homeowners purchasing equipment and needing service. So below is are many pages of HVAC information. Start surfing! I hope they help answer questions you may have and even provide some entertainment!

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