Adorable, brilliant,
   what else can I say?
   Old picture though, the 4    haven't been together in 5+ years unfortunately

(L-R)Julie, Brittany, Nadia, Jennifer



Me as a kid! 

Senior picture from high school

7846 Park North Circle, Indianapolis IN 46260 That's my cute little bachelor pad!
It has a pond out back with ducks & geese,
great landscaping, beautiful lawn,
satellite dish,
and of course...
a great

Limo!My sports car...
My nicest car to date!
Friends & family were
shocked when I got an
(gasp) American car but
this Intrigue has been a great car over the last 6+ years I've driven it! It's been very reliable too! This was a car that could compete with the Japanese.

I am the Godfather for my Cousin Bob & Mindy's boys. That's Sam on the left and Max on the right. Too bad they are 2 states away and I don't get many chances to see them. 




I spent 13 years with Radio Shack as a part timer, Senior Sales Representative, Store Manager & Senior Store Manager.

In 1989 I "retired" as manager to change careers - a midlife crisis as one friend put it! I attended a technical college's heating & air conditioning program and in 1991, I moved to Indy and made it my career.

So, EVERYTHING you've always wanted to know about heating & cooling your castle can be found starting with THIS PAGE!