What does the premier heating dealer in Indiana's most affluent city use to heat his office? A 1968 model oil burner, of course! Actually it is backup for a heat pump so only runs in cold weather.


Ooops, no longer running. Good as Williamson oil furnaces WERE, they don't burn water. The underground tank sprung a leak. Did we put in a nice variable speed electric air handler with our heat pump? No, we had a used one! It went in around 2000, meaning that old Willie gave 32 years of service to Appel Heating & A/C.

NEWS FLASH 2003! ALL GONE! We built a modern office in front of the existing office. It has GAS heat. A 2 stage variable speed 90 at that. It has ZONING!!!! No more thermostat fights. Well, almost none. The old building that this thing heated is now a warehouse with the comfort of a radiant tube heater. AMAZING!