They have 4 kids, 4 beautiful granddaughters, 2 nephews, 1 niece, 3 greatnephews, a whole bunch of cousins! And had a GREAT 41 year marriage!

Dad was a medical management consultant for 30+ years, General Manager of Professional Management Midwest, the largest such firm in the country in those days. He was an early member of the Society of Professional Business Consultants and was one of the first Certified Professional Business Consultants. After retiring from PMM and after a brief career in real estate, Dad started his own consulting firm and Doctors from all over the country sought his help in their practices. He was a guest writer for Medical Economics magazine.

Mom was an early partner in PMM but left to be a mother when she married Dad. For years, she designed medical offices for PMM's clients. After "retirement" she became a full time volunteer working initially for the local Association for Retarded Children. Later she was elected to the Waterloo School Board - becoming its President for several years. In 3 of the 4 elections, she got the most votes of all the elected members! Then she was one of those instrumental in starting Waterloo's Family & Children's Council- they even named a fund for her! After moving to Indy in 1991, she became active with the local chapter of Prevention of Child Abuse, getting the "Kids on the Block" puppets into the schools. The puppets put on skits for early grades teaching them about abuse and that it is wrong and needs to be reported.

Mom died September 2, 1997 after several years of fighting cancer that originally started 20 years ago. For more information & a tribute, GO HERE!

We lost Dad on July 6th, 1999 of heart failure. For his story, GO HERE

My favorite shot, May 1997

Christmas 96
New Year's Eve 1996
Feb 1997 - 40th Anniversary Party
2 weeks before she died